Frequently Asked Questions

What is imgbox.pw?
imgbox.pw is a free image hosting service where anyone can upload their images in very simple way without any complicated procedure. Uploading and sharing image made easy.

What file types are supported?
Images of the file types JPG, GIF and PNG are supported.

What is the maximum file size?
Each file must be 10MB or smaller.

How long are images stored?
Images are stored for life time (see our terms of service).

Should I keep a backup of my images on my local machine?
Yes, you always should backup your files.

I registered for a free account. How many images can I store?
There are no limits (fair use).

Can I inline link (hotlink) the original images I uploaded?
Yes, but please use the provided "full size" share codes only. Other URLs may change in the future.

Are there bandwidth limitations for inlin linking (hotlinking)?
There is no hard limit. Abusive referrers will be blocked.

Why are my thumbnail previews square?
Thumbnails on your "My Images" and "My Galleries" pages are displayed as squares to preserve the layout.

I registered but have not received activation email yet?
Please wait a momment for the email to arrive. Also, you may check your Spam folder as well.

What rules must I follow? Why have I been banned?
In most cases, you probably did something against our Terms of Service. Our website has a security system to prevent hackers from taking advantage and faking traffics. If you were banned and think you did not do anything against our TOS, please send us an email.

I found a bug or have a suggestion. How do I contact you?
Please send email to us at admin@imgbox.pw or via our contact page.

My question is not here.
If you question is not here please Contact us and we will help you in any way we can. We welcome every email from our users and will be glad to help.

What is ZIP Upload?
It is a cool feature allows you to upload bulk images at once by zipping all of them in single .zip file.

Can I be your partner and advertise on your site?
Yes you can, please contact us for more queries on this.

Can I delete my images?
As long as you are registered with us, you can delete any images uploaded by you. Otherwise, you have to request for deletion.

How do I request for image deletion?
Do not hesitate to contact us with the link to the images you want to remove.

How do I search for an image?
Login to member area, click the Find Images menu then search for your images using its IDs. Note, ID is not the same as file name.

Can I transfer an image to my account if I logged in after uploading it?
Unfortunately we are unable to associate any uploaded image with an account unless it was uploaded while you were logged into that account. You can use the deletion link you were provided to remove the image and re-upload it from your account, but you will be given a new URL and the view counts will reset.

Are the images anonymous?
Your uploaded images are anonymous. They cannot be searched and only those people with whom you share the URL (or your public images URL) will be able to see it.

I think my account has been hacked.
It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe. All accounts are personal and should not be shared with third parties. All emails about hacked accounts and modified details will be ignored.

My copyrighted work was posted on Imgur without my permission.
Sorry to hear it! It is against our terms of service for users to upload copyrighted material, but if you come across your work on our site, please submit a completed DMCA complaint to admin@imgbox.pw to have your image removed.

Do you list recent uploaded images for public viewing?
No. We don't do that. Only people who have the links from you those who can see the images.

I love your site's design
Thanks to BootStrap and BootSwatch

I like your service, how can I help you?
Simply keep using our service and if you don't mind, tell your friends and families to use imgbox.pw.

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